Every project benefits from our staff's depth of knowledge, broad range of skills, and professional and educational backgrounds.

Current Projects

We recognize that the best outcomes are achieved by working directly with communities and helping communities to develop their own unique approaches and capabilities. Sundance Research Institute assists communities through organizing and providing trainings of community members and staff of community programs to improve technical skills in research design, survey design and data collection methods, confidentiality and HIPAA requirements, grant-writing and grants management skills, cultural sensitivity/awareness skills, human resources management skills, and business management processes and operations skills. We also support communities to identify priority health and well-being issues through jointly conducted assessments of needs, resources and opportunities, community strengths and weaknesses, and community priorities. These collaborative activities are conducted with support from Federal, State, and private foundation grant-makers. Our current projects include small program evaluations that provide information and data to assist communities and Tribes to monitor and improve the services they offer to residents, trainings and workshops on specific issues that help develop skills of program staff members, and large multi-year interventional and evaluation efforts.

Sundance Research Institute staff members have experience in many substantive areas and have worked previously for Federal government agencies, universities, major research, survey, and statistical organizations, health systems, and health associations. This diverse prior experience allows us to reach out to other organizations and experts to meet specific needs for expertise beyond the internal capabilities of our organization.

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Current Projects
Monitoring Services For Tribal Injury Prevention Cooperative Agreements
Consultation Services To Assist The Aberdeen Area Office Of The Indian Health Service To Develop A Strategic Plan, 2012-2017
Culture, Traditions, And Consumer Engagement With The Wind River Indian Reservation Health Care System
Eastern Shoshone Tribe IHS MSPI Suicide Prevention Demonstration Program
Diabetes Disparities on the Wind River Indian Reservation
Evaluation of the Wind River Indian Reservation Infant Mortality Prevention Program
CAHPS III: Improving Performance of the Indian Health Care System using CAHPS as a Measurement Tool
Recent Projects
Indian Health Service Tribal Epidemiology Centers Assessment
Evaluation of Culturally-Tailored Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services