We are committed to the principle that successful programs are those that are designed and implemented with community leadership and participation.


Community-Based Participatory Research/Tribally-Directed Participatory Research: Sundance Research Institute works collaboratively with communities and Tribes to identify grant opportunities to support programs and research to improve health, well-being, and economic outcomes, develop program concepts and work plans, prepare grant applications, and work together to implement programs, data collection for monitoring and evaluation, and to disseminate interim and final results to local and national audiences.

Community Needs Assessments to Identify Priorities: Sundance Research Institute assists and supports communities to identify priority health and well-being issues through jointly conducted assessments of needs, resources and opportunities, community strengths and weaknesses, and community priorities.

Program Development and Technical Assistance: Sundance Research Institute provides communities with assistance in developing programs to address priority issues, including business plan development, implementation assistance, progress monitoring systems, and program evaluation support.

Training: Sundance Research Institute assists communities through organizing and providing trainings of community members and staff of community programs to improve technical skills to strengthen program services, grant-writing and grants management skills, cultural sensitivity/awareness skills, human resources management skills, and business management processes and operations skills.

Economic Analysis and Modeling: Sundance Research Institute develops and analyzes large federal and other data bases in support of health and other policy issues, including microsimulation analyses and local market analysis.