Our role is to provide support and specialized technical assistance and services to assist communities to improve the health and well-being of their citizens.

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Sundance Mountain
Current Projects
Monitoring Services For Tribal Injury Prevention Cooperative Agreements
Consultation Services To Assist The Aberdeen Area Office Of The Indian Health Service To Develop A Strategic Plan, 2012-2017
Culture, Traditions, And Consumer Engagement With The Wind River Indian Reservation Health Care System
Eastern Shoshone Tribe IHS MSPI Suicide Prevention Demonstration Program
Diabetes Disparities on the Wind River Indian Reservation
Evaluation of the Wind River Indian Reservation Infant Mortality Prevention Program
CAHPS III: Improving Performance of the Indian Health Care System using CAHPS as a Measurement Tool
Recent Projects
Indian Health Service Tribal Epidemiology Centers Assessment
Evaluation of Culturally-Tailored Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Board Of Directors
Cyrus Baghelai, Chairman/CEO
Kathryn Langwell, President
Kourosh Baghelai MD, Secretary/Treasurer
Frank Ryan, J.D., M.Ed., Community Representative
Shane Sarver, P.H.D, Black Hills State University Representative
Dan Farrington
Lisa Little Chief Bryan
Matthew Zullo
Kelley LeBeaux
Mary Rogers
Tyrone White
Cliff Bryan
Sharon Marrow
Carney Clegg
Conflict Of Interest Policy
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Our Mission
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