First Image of Sundance Mountain Second Image of Sundance Mountain Third Image of Sundance Mountain
Fourth Image of Sundance Mountain Fifth Image of Sundance Mountain Sixth Image of Sundance Mountain

These are six pictures, taken at different times, of Sundance Mountain. Our office in Sundance, Wyoming overlooks the mountain, which is considered sacred ground by the Lakota people.

Sundance, Wyoming is a peaceful town located at the foot of the Sundance Mountain. Nestled between Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore in the heart of the Black Hills, Sundance, established in 1879; is not only famous for its wide open ranges and breathtaking scenery, but also holds an abundance of history, and timeless prairies bound with the Ponderosa pines. The notorious Sundance Kid, Harry Longabaugh, was incarcerated as a young man in the Sundance jail.

The mountain, and the town, are named for the "Sun Dance", the centerpiece of an American Indian religious festival. The sun dance was practiced by the Sioux, and many other American Indian tribes of the Great Basin. Festivities lasted several weeks and centered around a four-day period in which young men fasted, prayed, blew whistles made of eagle bones, waited for visions, and danced around a ceremonial altar pole adorned with an eagle nest and a buffalo skull. The sun dance was an important communal and religious event, and forms of it are still practiced by some Plains Indian groups.

Population in 2000 was 1161. Primarily an agricultural community, the population is increasing due to the mineral boom in nearby Campbell County. Its scenic beauty, low taxes, schools and hospital make this a sought-after area in which to live.